Leave the internet alone!

So, early this week I watched this video from The Game Theorists After I watched this video, I got super mad. Advertisements

Yeah, tell teens to not have sex will work…

So I read this tonight at The Huffington Post That seamed odd enough to read so I entered the article and basically whats happened was: the sex ed classes that those kids had were 3 days of teachers saying that them shouldn’t have sex. And that’s it. “Yeah, let’s tell our kids to not have sex… Continue reading Yeah, tell teens to not have sex will work…

This is my reaction around babies

I don’t usually like babies, this is not because I think they are demons from hell, they are cute I get it. But if you make a simple mistake they can grow up and be a horrible person with a gigantic scar on the head. That and they usually cry a lot, poop a lot… Continue reading This is my reaction around babies

Being basic is a big problem

Hi, today I’m here to talk about a real problem that affects a huge part of the population, and the worst part: they probably doesn’t even know about it. We are here to talk about Basic Bitches. And Basic Bros. So here is two awesome videos made by College Humor that explain the problem and… Continue reading Being basic is a big problem

Vid of the week #2

Have you guys seen the Youtube Rewind?? It’s freaking awesome!!! I think that 2014 was a great year for youtube and i hope 2015 will be awesome..er (that word probably doesn’t exist)

Tell me what you think about the vid and please seggest something for the next week, you can reach us in tumblr, twitter or send us an e-mail: contact.hypestreet@gmail.com


See ya :)