The Lost Tapes of a Disney Vlog

On July I went to Disney with my family so I tried to make a vlog. I didn’t like the videos so I just let the project alone. This weekend I decided to bring back the lost tapes and put this vlog toguether!
If you wanna know how the experience was check out this post. And if you want me to make more videos subscribe to The Hype Street Channel


Haven’t you heard about #LoveMonday?

birdbird is the word

This is the only type of bird that tweets on my #LoveMonday

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Damn you Avicii… this good

You know you are going to be emotional with a video when there is an animal in it… Welcome everybody to The Feels train. This animation reminds me of the War Horse movie (one of my favorites by the way), what did you guys think?

Why Barack Obama should be the president of the internet

Wanna know why the current president of the United States should be the president of the internet? First he wouldn’t make a law forbidden memes with public figures (cof cof as Putin) he would make memes himself. In the rest of the post you will discover why I would vote for Obama even without being american.

How to not DIY

Heey how u guys doing?

This week I decided to learn how to edit videos, and to do that I decided to record something and than smash my head and try to edit. It is also the first time I recorded a video, bet you can see that because of the high level of amateurism.

Yesterday I finished and decided to upload it in the amazing world of the internet :)

So here is the video, if you can leave a feedback so I’ll know what you guys think

PS: I still can’t do the f***** sock bun


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Does this count as a #TBT ?

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Fuck you monday #LoveMonday

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