Scream all you want – Update

Wassup internet! On sunday I wrote a post about my theories (and the amazing soundtrack) of what was going to happen on the show Scream, and boy how was I wrong and right at the same time. So I decided to take those theories again and give them a final thought, so beware of spoilers. Advertisements

Scream all you want

Hello wild creatures of the internet, welcome to another weekly useless blog post for people who bother to read (almost no one). While I was procrastinating, I opened Netflix and saw that they added Scream and decided to watch. Best decision ever. “Wow you must love horror movies and the old movies” Nope. “You liked… Continue reading Scream all you want

This is why i didn’t post anything today

@TheHypeStreet_ damn u Netflix — The Hype Street (@TheHypeStreet_) January 27, 2015 @TheHypeStreet_ no more #OnceUponATime for you young lady — The Hype Street (@TheHypeStreet_) January 27, 2015