Mondays are hard so here is a playlist

Just wrap your ears around this playlist while you cry in the corner because it’s monday Advertisements

Haven’t you heard about #LoveMonday?

birdbird is the word

This is the only type of bird that tweets on my #LoveMonday

Don’t forget to share the love <3

See ya

Give your monday some love #LoveMonday

Have you already told your monday how much you don’t love her this week?

One of those #lovemondays

On mondays we… #lovemonday

Don’t forget to send this to the person who made your monday special See ya!

It’s all over #LoveMonday

When you realize that the weekend is over and you gotta go to work



They don’t know when to stop! #LoveMonday

When people still send you the pic of the damn dress  EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS THE COLOR GET OVER IT!!!