Give your monday some love #LoveMonday

Have you already told your monday how much you don’t love her this week? Advertisements

On mondays we… #lovemonday

Don’t forget to send this to the person who made your monday special See ya!

The most important pic

Forget everything you saw today on the internet Fuck #lovemondays Lets just focus on this pic of the pope receiving some serious fan-girl love UR WELCOME

It’s all over #LoveMonday

When you realize that the weekend is over and you gotta go to work



After Valentine Day we have #LoveMonday


This is just a little something I found on tumblr

My reaction to mondays #LoveMonday

BITCH CAN U NOT?!! Look at that happy face… Yes I’m talking about Pharrel’s face     Follow us

Love monday is my favorite monday

Saw your tweet this morning