Love Wins

rainbow flag in front of the white house
Photo by Tony Webster

Just a playlist

So you can start your week… … FLAWLESS And if they say you can’t But remember u betta

Saturday night and I…

yeppp…. I have nothing to do… But you can always watch coachella online¬†

How to kill your public image with Natalia Kills

First things first, no, I couldn’t think a better pun for the titles. Now to the facts After Joe Irvine’s beautiful performance of Cry Me a River (not the Justin Timberlake one) the judge and not so famous singer for a good reason Natalia Kills started bulling the contestant because she thought he was imitating… Continue reading How to kill your public image with Natalia Kills

It’s so pretty…

I was going to write something about the AppleWatch and the new macbook, but all that I keep thinking is that i wont be able to buy any of those…

What about the Lollapalooza?

Hello beautiful readers! This year we from The Hype Street will be going to the music festival Lollapalooza in Brazil, so I would like to know what would you guys want to see about it. Do you want to see photos or vlogs, info about the bands and what is happening live? Basically is a… Continue reading What about the Lollapalooza?

Don’t miss it!

I’m already tweeting about The Oscar’s!! Come Join the party!!! So amazed by Lady Gaga's outfit I'm already buying the look — The Hype Street (@TheHypeStreet_) February 23, 2015