What is The Hype Street about?

Who are you and what is this??meee

My name is Marina (u can call me Hype) I’m 20 years old, live in Brazil and think that blogging isn’t dead yet :)

You must be thinking “What The Hype is all about” ? Well I try to write about things I saw in the amazing world of the internet. There are a lot of things out there and I like to write about them. 

Why are you blogging?? Are you crazy??

I like to produce all sorts of content (you will find a couple of videos and images around here) but I like writing because is faster. I don’t have to spend long times filming and editing, I can just open my computer type a few words while listen to music :)

How long is this a thing for you?

I started my first proper wordpress blog when I was 15 I guess… but the idea of blogging started when I was 13 and was passing through a transition period (I’ve moved from one city to another), it wasn’t traumatic, moving was good, but it was a big change. After I made my first blog I made a big shift to consuming content to creating content. Since that change creating content has been one of my biggest passions.

Anyways, my first blog called Hey Psychobaby, the posts were in Portuguese and I just write about things that caught my attention (not a lot different of The Hype). I blogged there with no agenda or frequency and dropped 2 years ago.

So, last year I decided to try again but this time it would be a little more different. I knew that I wanted to take it seriously. To make my content available for more people around the world I started writing the posts on The Hype in English, also because 90% of the content I read, watch and listen is from other countries like USA and United Kingdom and I wanted to talk about topics that Brazilian readers don’t usually talk about.

So I started the The Hype Street on tumblr just to get the flow of it, started making some posts and trying to figure it out what The Hype St. would be about. After some time I created the wordpress.com blog and now I think I’m getting close of what the hype is about. Another thing that still have to work with is the frequency but we’ll get there :)

Where can I find The Hype St. around the web?






Hope you like the blog if you don’t you can send a honest hate-free feedback using the form on the end of the page or you can reach me on twitter and tumblr.

See ya!


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