Oh look! Another motivational post

Yeah don’t get used to it.

This Thursday while I was going on my daily check at the Twitter Trending Topics I came across the hashtag #SpiritDay, so I went check it out what it was and discovered that is a day dedicated to fight bulling against LGBT youth and help the victims. It’s an amazing initiative, so I googled it to know a little more of it and found the GLAAD ORG website, and they definitely know how to make some good looking charts (unlike someone) with some not so good looking information:

  • 49% of of LGBT students have experienced cyberbullying
  • 56,7% of LGBT students did not report experiences of bullying because they doubted an intervention
  • 61,6% of LGBT students who reported bullying said school staff did nothing

You can find a lot more here

So I decided to talk about bulling and self acceptance, even if the internet is saturated with a lot of bullshit articles of how to love yourself and get through bulling and finally achieve happiness.


UOW CHILL! Hold your horses mate. I’m not gonna say to you what do you have to do because the sad truth is that no one can. It will be like buying something because the commercial you saw on TV said is going to be good for you, you have to go to google and read tons of reviews and watch a bunch of  hands-on and unboxing videos , you will eventually get lost in drop tests and those crazy channels that destroy everything while filming it in low motion, but it will be more helpful. What I actually mean is that no one can tell you how to go through these hard events of growing up (and living generally speaking) but when you read and see how other people are successful dealing with it and getting to know their experiences it will eventually help you to build your own custom made survival kit.

So I won’t tell you how to do it. I’m going to tell you how I did it. 

Somethings about me

I’m a straight girl, so if you are looking for growing up and coming out experience tale, I’m sorry, but you won’t find any here. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of brave teens who shared their story on the internet, and it will probably mean a lot more to you than what I have to say.

I grew up in one city, and when I was 13 I moved to another. Most of what I’ll say here will be from that first period of my tiny life.


The first thing that I learned is that I’m not perfect (I KNOW, RIGHT? SHOCKING). I’m tiny (5.1 – 1,57 meters for the rest of the world that uses the International Metric System of Units), I’m lazy, I’m not really sociable, I lack of focus when doing stuff, I probably have a bunch more but those are the main ones. There’s nothing I can make to change the first one, so I got over that pretty easily (bad pun not intended), but when I started to embrace the others I started to learn how to eventually overcome them. I created some sort of alter ego to be more sociable when I needed, I try to keep my focus a lot harder and I’m still pretty lazy, no wins in that matter I guess. The most important thing I’ve noticed is that the more aware of my flaws, less it hurts when someone point it out or said I was something that I wasn’t.


A zero amount of fucks

I was the kid that was always trying to make friends, my school didn’t helped that either. They had a system in which they would change and mix the students in different classes every year, they thought this would help us make more friends but I don’t think this was successful,  in fact I think that this was terrible idea. And even when nobody came to my birthday party I’m proud of never doing something I didn’t wanted because some chick said I would be part of the group, I’d rather be alone than being someone I was not, and well I did. I don’t think that was a bad thing, sad maybe, but I was happy. That made me spend a lot of time with my own thoughts, I like to think that this made me a lot more self aware and have what they call emotional intelligence. Anyway, a lot of times I would feel guilty about it but then I started to not caring. Giving 0 fucks of what people would think about me or what they would say. I am like this and if you don’t like it, or have an opinion about it, that’s your problem not mine.


After that, I started to not feeling guilty of doing what I love to do, I don’t feel guilty if I change my opinion. Changing is inevitable how you decide to deal with it is what matters, and feeling guilty just slows the process and make it more painful.


These are only the tip of the iceberg, and if you wan’t you can use this as my shitty 3 star review on amazon.

See ya!



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