These 3 facts about click bait will shock you

Look, I did 6 months of journalism to know that a good headline is THE most important thing of story, it doesn’t matter where, newspapers, magazines or buzzfeed.

Not to be a Buzzfeed hater, I actually like them sometimes. It just pisses me of the amount of click bait headlines I’ve been seeing during the day, they are everywhere.

These are some 3 harsh true facts about click bait that will definitely not shock you and you sure can live without it



70% of click baits will be illustrated with a lame stock photo

10% will be a scene of some tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

10% of the time it will be some photoshop montage with the Home Alone kid

The other 10% will be cute animal pictures


99% of the time the click bait headline will be misleading (I’M TALKING TO YOU YOUTUBE)

Also, the chances of that post have multiple pages until the end of the bloody list so the website get more clicks are over the fucking top (about 238702%)



It. will. be. a. bloody. list.


Forgive this post


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