Scream all you want – Update

Wassup internet!

On sunday I wrote a post about my theories (and the amazing soundtrack) of what was going to happen on the show Scream, and boy how was I wrong and right at the same time. So I decided to take those theories again and give them a final thought, so beware of spoilers.

Sorry not sorry…

It ended up that this guy with a weird name that I always forget wasn’t the killer

it is nice

But I was expecting that, the show was leading us too much in believing he was behind the mask.

2 for 1

That really went better than I expected I kind of got two theories right into one.

  1. Even though it wasn’t Kieran (did I get that name right?) the killer was her long lost sister that was jelly for being rejected by the mother, talk about family issues right there.
  2. It wasn’t only one person behind the mask. Yes Audrey knew and helped Piper but my guess is that she was blackmailed into do what she wanted the same way Piper made Emma do exactly what she wanted, and when she didn’t wanted to she killed her girlfriend.

Final thoughts

I really liked the show and how every character were so conscious about the horror movies cliches, also the part played by Noah, who was almost that omniscient narrator and provided some really cool 4th wall breaks.

how meta

Not sure if would watch a second season, but why not?

See ya!


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