The best #tbt for today

It’s a giant coincidence and I’m incredible lazy to find something better to post (#SorryNotSorry). So I just gonna say what is in everybody minds Advertisements

Why Barack Obama should be the president of the internet

Wanna know why the current president of the United States should be the president of the internet?¬†First he wouldn’t make a law forbidden memes with public figures (cof cof as Putin) he would make memes himself. In the rest of the post you will discover why I would vote for Obama even without being american.

On mondays we… #lovemonday

Don’t forget to send this to the person who made your monday special See ya!

Just a playlist

So you can start your week… … FLAWLESS And if they say you can’t But remember u betta

Saturday night and I…

yeppp…. I have nothing to do… But you can always watch coachella online¬†

This is my reaction around babies

I don’t usually like babies, this is not because I think they are demons from hell, they are cute I get it. But if you make a simple mistake they can grow up and be a horrible person with a gigantic scar on the head. That and they usually cry a lot, poop a lot… Continue reading This is my reaction around babies

10 Easter Bunnies that will destroy your Easter

So tomorrow will be the day that Jesus will come from the land of the dead riding his t-rex to save humanity from aliens and these demons from hell disguised as Easter Bunnies.

It’s true

I mean it, it is in the Bible

So here is your dose of nightmares