If you wonder how Lollapalooza was…

IT WAS AWESOME! It is the second time I went to Lollapalooza in Brazil and I love it! First of all even if the bands and shows are not your favorites you can still have a great time because there is a lot of stuff to check out and enjoy. The organizations is flawless and… Continue reading If you wonder how Lollapalooza was…

The most important pic

Forget everything you saw today on the internet Fuck #lovemondays Lets just focus on this pic of the pope receiving some serious fan-girl love UR WELCOME

This is what the world need

Did you saw this video? I just can’t I need this more than life! C’MON IT’S PERFECT! LL Cool J is presenting Jimmy Fallon is on it IT’S A FUCKING LIP Synch BATTLE The rock sings a Taylor Swift song WHAT ELSE THE WORLD NEEDS? I hope Emma Stone join the show her lip synch… Continue reading This is what the world need

How to kill your public image with Natalia Kills

First things first, no, I couldn’t think a better pun for the titles. Now to the facts After Joe Irvine’s beautiful performance of Cry Me a River (not the Justin Timberlake one) the judge and not so famous singer for a good reason Natalia Kills started bulling the contestant because she thought he was imitating… Continue reading How to kill your public image with Natalia Kills

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

The day when everybody says “Actually I am 1/31665468751 part Irish” and use it as an excuse to drink until you pass out :) And here is an Irish drinking song for you guys, it’s in the minion language but it wont be a problem ‘cuz that is how drunk people sound when they are… Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

It’s all over #LoveMonday

When you realize that the weekend is over and you gotta go to work



It is friday 13th, keep it safe

There is a lot of ignorant people out there. Keep your black cats safe at home and protect the ones of the streets! ;) See ya!