How to not DIY

Heey how u guys doing?

This week I decided to learn how to edit videos, and to do that I decided to record something and than smash my head and try to edit. It is also the first time I recorded a video, bet you can see that because of the high level of amateurism.

Yesterday I finished and decided to upload it in the amazing world of the internet :)

So here is the video, if you can leave a feedback so I’ll know what you guys think

PS: I still can’t do the f***** sock bun


See ya!


The Hype of the Oscars

All right, all right! Yesterday we covered the Oscars on twitter, but what were the hypes of the show? First of all: Oprah being Oprah

Don’t miss it!

I’m already tweeting about The Oscar’s!! Come Join the party!!! So amazed by Lady Gaga's outfit I'm already buying the look — The Hype Street (@TheHypeStreet_) February 23, 2015

Let’s tweet together!!!

Hey guys!!! Join me Sunday night on Twitter I’ll be commentating the Oscars. It will be a twitter party! An Oscar themed party! An awesome party!!!! Please come cuz I have no friends TWEET ME @TheHypeStreet_ DON’T FORGET THE TUMBLR

Today we have a especial #TBT

I want to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to the lost times when I would wake up peacefully and wouldn’t spill coffee everywhere




After Valentine Day we have #LoveMonday


This is just a little something I found on tumblr

13 things you didn’t know about Wicca

Hi! Since is Friday 13th I decided to make a especial post, so I asked my friend Mirna (who sometimes post on The Hype’s tumblr) to write a list about things we probably didn’t know about Wicca. If you liked don’t forget to write a nice comment and share with your friends! SO HERE WE… Continue reading 13 things you didn’t know about Wicca