Some hardcore old games over here

Today while doing my daily procrastination I watched Pewdiepie’s video making fun of CoD (Call Of Duty for the non gamers out there). In this video he plays Spyro the Dragon, but not any Spyro game. He plays the FIRST ONE (I guess) for Play Station 1. That brought me a lot of memories. Spyro… Continue reading Some hardcore old games over here

The Lost Tapes of a Disney Vlog

On July I went to Disney with my family so I tried to make a vlog. I didn’t like the videos so I just let the project alone. This weekend I decided to bring back the lost tapes and put this vlog toguether!
If you wanna know how the experience was check out this post. And if you want me to make more videos subscribe to The Hype Street Channel



Be prepared for Pug-oween

It’s Sunday night, I had nothing to do, a post to write, so I decided to do what any another reasonable person would do. Search for pug pics on tumblr. And I realized that pugs are just on point with their costumes for Halloween! So I made a gallery with the best pug-suggested-costumes-ideas-of-all-times for you,… Continue reading Be prepared for Pug-oween

Oh look! Another motivational post

Yeah don’t get used to it. This Thursday while I was going on my daily check at the Twitter Trending Topics I came across the hashtag #SpiritDay, so I went check it out what it was and discovered that is a day dedicated to fight bulling against LGBT youth and help the victims. It’s an… Continue reading Oh look! Another motivational post

These 3 facts about click bait will shock you

Look, I did 6 months of journalism to know that a good headline is THE most important thing of story, it doesn’t matter where, newspapers, magazines or buzzfeed. Not to be a Buzzfeed hater, I actually like them sometimes. It just pisses me of the amount of click bait headlines I’ve been seeing during the… Continue reading These 3 facts about click bait will shock you

Scream all you want – Update

Wassup internet! On sunday I wrote a post about my theories (and the amazing soundtrack) of what was going to happen on the show Scream, and boy how was I wrong and right at the same time. So I decided to take those theories again and give them a final thought, so beware of spoilers.